A painting based off of a photo sent to me by a friend.

Portrait of a Naiad

Chips, how delicious!

PB and Grape J

Tea Time

A tiefling that got stuck in my head.

A response to a Draw This in Your Style Challenge on TikTok

Fanart of Red from Transistor

Personal Piece - Evening Castle

A mobile wallpaper for my April Patrons

A mobile Wallpaper for my March Patrons.

A D&D Character Commission


A grizzly bear drawn for my father.

Scene Design for my Force of Nature short comic.

A roleplaying character after loss.

An idea for a cover that I scrapped. I still liked the illustration, just not for the cover.

A D&D roleplaying character.

Soul Calibur Fanart as a gift for my sister

A cover for my OGN pitch