Ember Johnstone

Cartoonist Calgary, Canada

An illustrator and comic creator living in Calgary, I’ve a love of telling stories and finding beauty in the weird.

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With a passion for telling stories through images, I draw my inspiration from every day life mixed with the quirky and fantastical and a dash of mythos.
I live in Calgary with my two cats, drinking tea and making stories about ghosts, unicorn girls, and pirates.
I am open for commercial work and would love projects in comics, games, table top games and role-playing games.


Designer and Contributor

Sketch Sessions - HallowZine

Sketch Sessions is a group of local artists that gathers to draw together. For Halloween we put together a short zine of illustrations and comics. I organized and designed the zine as well as contributed a single page comic.

Sole Creator – Ghost Punchers


I am the sole creator of the ongoing comic series, Ghost Punchers. The prologue and a short story have been published thus far and Chapter 1 is in progress.


Panel One

I contributed a short comic in Panel One’s first anthology, Rebirth. The title of the comic was From Ashes. It was a three page story about self-discovery after toxic relationships.

Illustration and Concept Art

Space Piratez

I worked on concept art, character designs and illustrations for the as of yet unpublished board game, Space Piratez.

Character Illustration


I did character illustrations and concepts for the rule book for the LARP Havok.

Early Character and Costume Design

Super Drycleaners

I did early character and costume concepts for the TV show Super Drycleaners by Barb Briggs.

Artist – Purgatory Chapter 1

Gartoon Graphics

I was the artist for the first chapter of the comic Purgatory, written and created by Gary Johnstone and published through Gartoon Graphics.

Artist – Alley Cats

Higher Universe Comics

I was the artist for the short story collection, Alley Cats, written and created by Brandon Rhiness and published through Higher Universe Comics.


MacEwan University

Design and Digital Media Diploma

This diploma focused on design principles in relation to web and animation.


Illustration Sequential Art Figure Drawing Traditional Inks Character Design Colour Theory


Digital Art Painting Drawing Layout Composition Lettering Writing